Medical Marijuana: Is Pot Gaining More Ground in Washington?


Shoreline, Wash., has just decided to permanently regulate collective medical marijuana gardens, according to media reports.

What this means?

The City Council agreed last night that it’s OK with these prescription pot setups, and the vote means the municipality’s administrations will develop codes to govern them.

Also, the new ordinance does not place a limit on the number of patients visiting each garden, nor the number of times patients can frequent these sites, according to

Other Washington municipalities are weighing similar ordinances but have yet to approve them, Patch reports.

Medical marijuana is legal in the state, but Washington voters are set to decide in November whether to decriminalize small amounts of weed. Supporters of the Shoreline developments hope the new reg will lend momentum to that ballot measure.

Colorado and Oregon will also vote on outright weed legalization this fall.

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