Roberto Nunez (Allegedly) Is Pretty Good At Murder; Sucks At Getting Away With It


A less-than-legal immigrant living in New York City is allegedly pretty good at murder — according to authorities, he blew away three people as they all sat in a parked car in Harlem last month during what an indictment filed this afternoon in a Manhattan criminal court describes only as a “criminal transaction.”

The bitch of the whole thing: two of the three victims weren’t even involved in whatever “criminal transaction” was taking place.

Roberto Nunez, 30, has been hit with multiple counts of first and second-degree murder in the triple slaying.

Authorities say the four men were sitting in the parked car when
Nunez pulled out a .38-caliber revolver and blew away all three victims.

Of the three victims, only Luis Catalan was involved in the alleged
“criminal transaction.” The other two victims, Heriberto Suazo and
Amaury Rodriguez, it appears were just in the wrong car at the wrong

Catalan, court records indicate, was the target of the slayings — he
was sitting next to Nunez in the back seat and was shot three times.
The other two victims — each seated in the front of the car — were
each shot once in the head.

The bodies were found in the vehicle shortly after the shooting. Nunez was taken into custody in the Bronx 16 days later.

“The defendant has now been indicted for shooting three people
point-blank while sitting beside them in a car, and leaving their bodies
on display for all to see,” Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance says.
“This violence shocks the conscience and is unacceptable.”

In all, Nunez is charged with three counts each of first and second-degree murder.