5 Best Things To Eat at Food Gallery 32


For $8, this massive pork chop platter is quite a deal.

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This week, Counter Culture saunters into Food Gallery 32, a Korean food court on 32nd Street where there’s plenty of dramatic seating — and dramatically cheap prices to match. The food is good, too, offering a mixture of Korean, Korean-Chinese, Korean-Japanese, and Taiwanese. Here are the five dishes my friends and I liked best, from among approximately 30 sampled on three visits.

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5. Pork Chops, Rice, Pickled Mustard Greens, and Baby Bok Choy at Bian Dang (shown above) — If you like lots of meat swimming in an almost European gravy soaking into clouds of white rice, this is your kind of dish, luxuriantly rib-sticking and savory.

4. Raw Fish Salad at O-De-Ppang! — For $9.99 you get a large quantity of raw snapper and yellowtail, cut thicker than sashimi and deposited in a green salad with caviar. A red sauce to be mixed in comes on the side. The fish is amazingly fresh.

3. Jja Jang Myun at Jin Jja Roo — This wonderful $5.95 bowl of hand-pulled noodles in black bean sauce with pork derives its sweetness from caramelized onions, and the dish comes as part of a set meal that also includes various pan chan, pickled daikon, nicely dressed salad, and miso soup. Wow!

2. Mixed Tempura at Boon Sik Zip — For $4.99, you get a freshly fried combination of octopus tentacles, Asian pumpkin, white sweet potato, and kelp rolls stuffed with clear vermicelli. And don’t neglect the dipping sauce. Free soup, too, if you want it.

1. Tofu Chigae at Korea House — The bubbling stone pot of kimchee, pork, and fresh tofu is at the frontier of fieriness, and goes very nicely over rice. Kimchee and steamed green beans accompany.

Food Gallery 32
11 West 32nd Street

Teens (and wine drinkers) love the remote third-floor seating area.

View of the main floor from the mezzanine.