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No, You’re Not Going To Hell If You Laugh At Woman In Wheelchair Falling Down Escalator


We just watched a trending Youtube video (over and over again) of a Boston woman in a wheelchair who took several tumbles down an escalator after trying to go up the aforementioned escalator in her wheelchair.

We’re here to assure you that laughing hysterically at the video is not a one-way ticket to hell — in addition to the video being hilarious, this woman can walk.

For starters, and as we mentioned, the video is friggin’ hilarious — just when you think she’s done, nope! She takes several more tumbles as good samaritans scramble to help her — and a juvenile sense of humor is something that sometimes just can’t be helped.

Secondly, she reportedly is just fine — no injuries…at all.

Third — and most importantly, in our opinion: this woman can walk! As you can see in the video, after tumbling down the escalator, she stands right up, dusts herself off, and gives a look of “I can’t believe my wheelchair didn’t make it up that escalator — who would have thought?”

We don’t know what she was thinking trying to go up an escalator in a wheelchair — what did she really think was gonna happen? The fact that she can walk implies that standing up for a second and walking behind her wheelchair wasn’t out of the question — which makes it even funnier. And the fact that she suffered no injuries makes laughing at it A-OK.

In any event, feel free to laugh at this woman’s misfortune to your heart’s content — you won’t be doomed to an eternity of fire and torture, we promise.

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