Ploughman’s Pork Pie at Jones Wood Foundry, Dish #91


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Ploughman’s Pork Pie ($11)

A lovely, cold slice of pork pie at the Upper East Side’s pubby Jones Wood Foundry. It’s a sweet, soft, gently spiced terrine in pastry, served with a nest of celery-root remoulade and a fine pair of malty, pickled onions. One the side, there’s a hard-boiled egg and a bit of dressed salad. I usually like to eat a whole pork pie out of the bag, as if it were a cupcake, which is terrific, comforting, and…a bit gross, I know. The truth is, it’s much better enjoyed like this, in a more thoughtful ratio of porky pie to vegetables.

Jones Wood Foundry
401 East 76th Street

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