Slots Of Fun At Popular Casino In Queens


My column this week is all about my glitzy romp at Resorts World New York in Jamaica, Queens, which posted more revenue from slot machines than any other casino in the country last year!

And I hadn’t even heard of it!

So I graciously accepted the p.r. director’s offer for me to visit the joint and not only add to that revenue (I played a quarter on a machine and lost), but also partake of the restaurants, entertainment, and other salty shenanigans.

After an A train and a shuttle bus, I was there and sucking in the ribeye steak dinner, Chinese desserts, and ’60s cover band.

I was also taking in the clanging and flashing lights of all those wonderful slots, but here’s where I have to make a confession:

I actually didn’t even play a quarter slot.

I was having too much fun running around the place, and I forgot. Besides, I happen to be even cheaper than a lounge singer’s outfit.

Sue me!

But first: Read me!

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