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Some Rich, Famous People Still Act Like They’re Broke!


The wonderful thing about being wealthy is that some people want to stay that way.

Or maybe they want to project the image that they’re not wasteful, because that would seem creepy and inappropriate.

Or they are sometimes flamboyant with their wallets, but seize a bargain when one’s available, even if it takes some searching and destroying.

Whatever the case, it turns out that a lot of rich people are just like you and me when it comes to thrifty and wise decision-making.

For example:

*Warren Buffett (above), the most successful investor of the last century, still lives in the relatively modest home he once bought for $31,500. He could afford the Taj Mahal, but prefers where he is–a stucco house in quaint little Omaha!

*Two-time- Oscar winner Hilary Swank excitedly clips out coupons on a regular basis, never forgetting her humble beginnings. You can take the girl out of the trailer, but…

*First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted shopping for dog food at Target! (It was for her dog, not her family, but still.) She also wore a $35 H&M dress on the Today show and made it look like haute couture. Sort of.

*Bethenny Frankel never pays retail and scours ebay for bargains. As well she should.

*And Mitt Romney has bought golf clubs at an illustrious high-end swanky boutique called KMart.

Not sure where he gets his dog food, though–or if the dog on the hood of the car gets fed at all!

In any case, I already clip coupons and shop at K Mart, so I’m not sure how I can cut any more corners except for maybe stealing–and I’m not ready for that “senior moment.”

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