Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Nadia G Eats Vodka Pizza in New York, Thinks Meat is a Treat Part 1


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You’d expect Nadia G to have a no-holds-barred, exuberant attitude that quite frankly might be a little intimidating, right? That she’d get down to the nitty gritty of an interview, throw a few catch phrases around, and then run off to aggressively perfect a pink, sparkly cake. Well, this big personality is actually pretty down to earth. Fork in the Road caught up with the Food Network notable, sharing a few laughs and learning where to get the best vodka pizza slice.

How did you get your start? Culinary school? Self-taught?
I went to the culinary school of hardwood and soft wax. I learned to cook from my family — I come from a very food-obsessed Italian family. The women were exceptional cooks, so I learned to cook from the greatest.

You’re Canadian, from Montreal. How does that influence your cooking?
What’s beautiful about Montreal is that there’s so many immigrants coming here, and a lot the flavors are very straight from the source. We’re big fans of fusion, as well. One of my best dishes is my gnocchi poutine.

Speaking of melding cultures and food-types, you’ll be at the Atlantic City Wine and Food Festival next week?
I’m super excited for Atlantic City. It’s going to be amazing. I’m doing two events. One is a cook demo, and I love doing these demos because I can do my stand-up and get the reaction live from the crowd. You know, Bitchin’ Kitchen is a comedy cooking show and unfortunately when we shoot in studio, I don’t get to hear the live laughs. And then I’m going to be doing the Sweet and Stylish event, where I’m going to be serving up some bacon chocolate, which is one of my favorite desserts.

Any chefs that you’re friends with and looking forward to seeing or that you haven’t met and are excited to meet at the festival?
You know it’s funny…I absolutely love seeing all the chefs, but what I love seeing even more is the fans. So that’s what gets me going.

What do you look for in a recipe in order for it to make it to your show? What’s the thread element there?
It has to be simple so that anyone can reproduce it. And at the same time it’s gotta have some complex flavors. Something new to the palate, like the bacon chocolate or the gnocchi poutine. Taking good ingredients, you know, making a meal that’s easy to reproduce at home yet exciting. Those are the factors, the things that I look for, when creating a recipe.

You have a very unique style, certainly in cooking but also in fashion. Do you think fashion and food go together?
Well, I think everything goes with food. Clothes are a pretty neutral platform, and I love having fun with that platform.

How do you feel about vegan or vegetarian?
I eat vegetarian a lot of the time myself. Although I love meat, I believe that meat is a treat to be enjoyed on occasion just like cheesecake or blackouts.

Do you come to New York often?
I do! At least once, twice a month.

What are some of your favorite restaurants here?
Well, I absolutely love the gnudi at the Spotted Pig. Morimoto has some of the best fish that I’ve tasted in my life. I love Ma Peche. There are so many amazing restaurants in New York. Pomodoro makes an amazing vodka slice of pizza.