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Is Anthony Weiner Lying About Plotting Return To Public Life? Sure Seems Like It…”Bro”


When asked about rumors that he was plotting a run for mayor, shamed former Congressman Anthony Weiner claims the highly publicized tale is a “clown story, bro.”

Yet, he recently sat down for an interview with People Magazine, in which he rolls out his young son in an apparent attempt to come across as a new-found family man — albeit a family man who had to resign from Congress after sending dick pics to multiple women, none of whom were his wife, and then lying about it…repeatedly.

And guess what — he’s a changed man.

“I really do feel like a very, very different person,” Weiner tells the magazine. “2011 was the best year of my life.”

Keep in mind, the article will hit newsstands just days after the former congressman wrote off as “bullshit” claims that his wife — top Hillary Rodham Clinton aide Huma Abedin — urged him to do a tell-all interview as his first step towards regaining the public’s trust before attempting to run for office.

Weiner’s fall from grace is one of the more epic in the history of political scumbaggery — he was once considered a rising star on the national political scene for his fiery rants on the House floor. So it seems to make sense that he’d try to revitalize his once promising political career. Not to mention, he’s currently unemployed — unlike many politicians, the former congressman has nothing to fall back on; no law degree, for example. Not that Wikipedia is the authority on a person’s job history, but Weiner’s occupation is still listed as “politician.”

Despite his apparent desire to jump back into the political arena, the fact remains: he sent dick pics to women who weren’t his wife and then lied about it…again, repeatedly.

Weiner claims he’s not plotting a comeback. Giving a tell-all interview to a publication well-known for its affinity for puff pieces sure seems like a strange/unnecessary move for someone who’s not trying to fuel his potential comeback.

We want to know what you think: does Weiner really have no plans for a political comeback, or are his “clown story” claims just the latest lie from a “truth-challenged” wannabe politico?

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