Medical Marijuana: New Jersey Grows Prescription Pot!


Several days after a New Jersey lawmaker called on his fellow politicians to explain delays in prescription pot dispensary development, a report indicates that marijuana is being grown in the state.

The state’s first legal cannabis crop in generations has been growing hydroponically, in a warehouse, for nearly a month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The location of the warehouse is being kept under wraps.

But Joseph Stevens, who runs said Greenleaf Compassion Center, said that his Montclair dispensary should be operational and accepting patients in mid-September.

Another dispensary, Compassionate Care Foundation, plans on harvesting its first crop as soon as November.

Four other centers are slated to open in the Garden State, but haven’t been able to secure a location, as they have hit municipal roadblocks.

Though medical marijuana has been legal in Jersey since 2010, some cities are wary of OKing dispensaries and won’t grant permits, hence Assemblyman Reed Gusciora’s call for a legislative hearing to explain these delays.

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