The Dark Knight Rises: And I Sit Down To Review It


The summer’s big old buzzy Dark Knight Rises has risen up at two hours and 44 minutes, and I’ll be on CNN International tomorrow to talk about.

But let me give you a little preview of my thoughts.

The third and last of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, the film is dark and ominous and portentous and sometimes lugubrious, rarely letting a laugh or some lightness get in the way of the driving plot.

In fact, Nolan seems to have so much passion for the goings-on it’s almost like he believes he’s presenting a true story, not a fanciful tale of superheroism and vengeance.

Everyone on earth is in this, and as the time went by, I spotted four Oscar winners, three nominees, and the guy from Suddenly Susan!

Christian Bale doesn’t dominate as much as you’d think, but he radiates the proper poignancy and conscience, while Anne Hathaway mercifully doesn’t play into any stereotypical meowing and purring–she’s subtle and effective, and manages a couple of the only laugh lines.

Tom Hardy is the bad guy with the steel mask and the disembodied voice, all based on Bain Capital, I’m sure.

There’s gadgetry and much talking and a lot of gloom about saving Gotham City, and it leads up to an ending that I won’t reveal since you know you’re going to see this whether it’s really good for you or not.

And by the way, Nolan insisted on avoiding 3D, which is refreshing.

Instead, you can see it in IMAX, which is just the kind of grandiosity this kind of downbeat escapism deserves.

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