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Tips On What To Do When Being Photographed


Everyone on earth is a photographer these days.

They can just accidentally lean on their cell phone and snap a picture of you at any odd moment–and you’d better be prepared.

Just smiling and saying “brie” isn’t good enough anymore.

You have to know the rules or your sly puss will be shot out across the worldwide web with a horrifying result.

So here’s what to do:

*Don’t lower your chin, even when the photographer insists you do. That would create more folds than a file envelope. Instead, lift up your chin and also jut your neck out with calculated pride. That will make your face look lithe and lean, like a wolfhound’s.

*Smile, but not in a broad, overenthusiastic way. That not only looks phony (or drunk), it can highlight bad features in your face by making you come off jowly and accordion-like. Affect something between a Mona Lisa smile and a happy-to-be-nominated smile–but not a winners’ one.

*Keep your eyes open! Think conscious thoughts because there’s nothing worse than sleepy eyes in a photo. With a bleary demeanor, you’ll look one step from the rehab admissions desk. So pop your eyeballs wide open, if not so much that you look like you’re tweaking.

*Don’t put your arm around anyone you don’t know. It can be used against you.

*Always look straight at the camera. Side views are risky and can even be disturbing and creepy.

*Avoid lame gestures like thumbs up, middle finger up, etc. In fact, don’t do anything at all with your fingers. They’re cliched and take away from your stunning visage. You don’t need shtick. You simply need a lens to capture your natural beauty–assuming your natural beauty is presented with all the above tricks.

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