Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Nadia G’s Five Favorite Summertime Eats Part 2


Yesterday, we talked New York City eats and dishes and the Atlantic City Wine and Food Fest with the Food Network’s Nadia G. Today, the Bitchin’ Kitchen lady gives us the lowdown on the five foods that really get her going come summertime.

5. “I do this one salad with grilled apricots and feta. A simple grilled apricot and feta salad. So good.”

4. “Fried chicken! What I like to do with fried chicken is create a bit of a topping bar, so we’ll have maple syrup and waffles. Or you can dress it up with an Italian bruschetta. It’s very versatile and very easy to make.”

3. “Of course, I love hot dogs. I loooove hot dogs, or sausages. Sometimes I just make an Italian spicy sausage sandwich. I get the sausage going on the grill and get hot Italian vegetable pickles, instead of relish.”

2. “I absolutely love dips. Baba gannoush or hummus with a little bit of toasted pita bread.”

1. “Frozen limoncello pops. That’s good stuff.”