Blue Point Blueberry Ale: Did Somebody Forget to Add the Beer?


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Blue Point Brewing Company Blueberry Ale from New York, New York

Serving style: Bottle, poured into glass

Location: My apartment

Cost: $12 a sixpack

ABV: 4.6 %

Appearance: I was so disappointed that this brew wasn’t bright purple. I’ve had blueberry drafts in the past that glowed hazily in a way that’d make Jimi proud. But unfortunately, this wasn’t one of those. Instead, it poured a transparent gold that looked more like an average ale. Not even a hint of purple or blue. Pretty boring.

Aroma: But the scent wasn’t. And it was also the best part of the beer. This seems obvious, but the Blueberry Ale smells exactly like, well, blueberries–not too much else. It reminded me of blueberry pie, home-cooked by my grandma on Christmas. Er, well, that’s kind of a lie, because my grandma usually made apple pie. But this brew reminded me of what I imagined it’d be like if my grandma made blueberry pie. That’s fair, right?

Taste: Oh, hey, big surprise here: It tastes like blueberries! But frankly, it’s not very good. The Blueberry Ale is sweet and tangy, which is nice if you’re into fruity beers–but there’s a weird, bitter flavor that blends with the sweetness which feels jarring and un-welcomed. I didn’t even want to finish it.

Mouthfeel: It’s light and crisp, I guess, if you can get over the terrible taste. To put it bluntly, it’s mind-numbingly watery, and hardly feels like you’re drinking a beer.

Overall Experience: I didn’t expect to like this beer going into it, as I usually stray away from fruity brews, but I’ve had somewhat good experiences with blueberry-based ales in the past. This one, though, didn’t make the cut. In the hands of a seasoned beer drinker, the Blueberry Ale might just taste like Kool-Aid.