Campaign Seeks To Keep Maria Montealegre Family Off The Streets


Shortly after Araceli Cruz and Steven Thrasher told the story of Maria Montealegre, a mother of four who faces eviction for standing up to her landlord, an online campaign has been organized to save the family from homelessness.

Remember that Montealegre’s landlord Moshe Samova — ranked 12th on Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s watchlist of New York’s worst slumlords — started eviction proceedings against Montealegre after she organized tenants to get him to repair and clean the building.

Though she is looking for a new apartment, Cruz and Thrasher report that no one will rent a room to Montealegre and her entire family. She has repeatedly been turned away because “landlords say she is listed as a bad renter.”

If she does not find a home by July 31, she will likely go to a shelter with her children, and fears their schooling will suffer as a result.

The online drive, run by Voice alum* Justin Reynolds and Shazdeh Omari, seeks to raise $11,000 by Aug. 10.

Because it’s a flexible funding campaign, Montealegre will receive all the money donated — even if the $10,000 goal is not met.

Again, you can check out the campaign here.

(*Full disclosure: Reynolds and Omari are Voice alum, so they’re part of our family. Families do interact socially, but if we couldn’t be fair, we wouldn’t have written this post.)

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