New York

Don’t Blame Hollywood For The Dark Knight Shooting


Yes, our culture has some twisted values–along with some perfectly fine ones–but blaming a particular piece of culture for a death spray is offbase and self defeating.

In the old days, heavy metal songs were deemed responsible for hateful, violent acts.

It was an absurd blame game.

And now there will surely be an uprising of those who will say comic book movies, in all their portentous gloom, are what caused the hideous Denver suburb mass killing.

But that kind of violent act is one of sheer lunacy and logic doesn’t really enter into it.

Yes, I know there were anonymous death threats on a comment site when some critics didn’t rave about the film.

But they were just shooting off their mouths (albeit in a very dumb, low way)!

This guy was a calculating, unhinged terrorist–and if it wasn’t this movie that set him off, it would have been something else.

He’s looney.

I grew up watching Psycho, but I didn’t end up killing anyone in a shower because I had good parenting and decent values and knew how to separate fiction from life.

And I hope all the reactionary commentators will feel the same way.

I also hope they realize I still reserve the right to criticize the bad effects of the culture.

Some actual statements and acts committed by our real leaders do have negative effects–way more than comic books–and they’re definitely worth battling.

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