How Can I Get To Meet My Favorite Actress?


I worship Judy Pace, who went from model to TV star to film icon, exuding beauty, smarts, and sassy wit in everything she did.

She was great in 1968’s Three In The Attic, taunting star Christopher Jones by laying on the stereotyping to underline his racism.

She sizzled as a temptress with a bad attitude in 1970’s Cotton Comes To Harlem. (Her “fag cop” scene is bizarrely memorable.)

And in 1972’s Frogs, Judy way outglammed and out-acted all her amphibious costars.

And the thing is, Judy’s not on Facebook or Twitter.

What’s more, she never seems to swing into town or turn up at any of the local autograph shows.

But I won’t transition until I meet her, speak to her, or at least send her a tweet, and nothing’s gonna stop me!

Except for having no idea how to do this!

Any ideas how I can find myself face-to-face with my icon?

Judy, do you at least Google search your name?

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