This Week’s Specials: Mashed Potato Vending Machine, New York’s Most Expensive Hot Dog


What we’ve been up to this week at Fork in the Road:

News from Singapore: a mashed potato machine in their 7-Eleven.

Is this New York’s most expensive [normal] hot dog? We found it at Daniel Boulud’s Epicerie Boulud up near Lincoln Center.

We list out the top ten doughnuts in New York.

Lauren Bloomberg interviews Cooking Channel’s Nadia G, who eats vodka pizza and thinks meat is a treat.

Robert Sietsema shows us the best five things to eat at Food Gallery 32 in Koreatown: Pork Chops, Rice, Pickled Mustard Greens, and Baby Bok Choy at Bian Dang, Raw Fish Salad at O-De-Ppang!, Jja Jang Myun at Jin Jja Roo, Mixed Tempura at Boon Sik Zip, and Tofu Chigae at Korea House.

Lafayette French Pastry, 26 Greenwich Avenue, was seized by marshals pursuant to an eviction notice in the last few days. Goodbye “drunken negro face” cookie.

We feature a recipe from STK OUT: the STK Burger — truffle sauce and all.

A interview with Runner and Stone’s Peter Endriss on baking at Per Se, and working 35 hours on a weekend.

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