Medical Marijuana: Can It Treat Diarrhea?


Well then.

We’re not sure how accurate this item is, but it’s interesting reading, to say that least: The Weed Blog claims that medical marijuana might be good for treating the runs.

The blog says that pot has been prescribed as a diarrhea treatment since at least 1886, as indicated by an edition of the Indian Medical Gazette.

At that time, the Gazette notes, people used a formula made up of a “cannabis tincture, chloroform and morphine.”

(Nowadays, though, the blog generally recommends inhaling a dominant indica for this purpose.)

Anyway, pot supposedly causes diarrhea and related symptoms to subside and prompts patients to regain their appetites.

Again, we’re not scientists, but the blog isn’t the only place mentioning this palliative effect: Many claim that cannabis can treat a wide variety of gastrointestinal ailments — from simple loose stool to Crohn’s disease.

And in some states where medical marijuana is legal, such as Arizona, diseases affecting this bodily system are indeed listed as qualifying conditions for cannabis cards.

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