Saba Pressed Sushi at Ootoya, Dish #85


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Edomae-zushi is the type you’re probably used to: fingers of vinagared rice topped with a swatch of raw or cooked fish. This sushi is associated with the ancient city of Tokyo, once known as Edo.

But there are other types. Originating in Osaka and predating edomae-zushi, oshi-zushi or “boxed zushi” is made, not by shaping the rice with one’s hands, but by pressing the rice and fish into a box, and then cutting it with a knife. This type of sushi is much rarer, but can be found in a half-dozen sushi bars in town.

It recently surfaced at Ootoya, a new Japanese restaurant in the Flatiron District. In this case, lightly pickled mackerel rides atop the rice, and mushroom caps and preserved sweet ginger accompany.

8 West 18th Street

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