Year of the Takeout Day 202: How Do You Eat Lychee?


So, how do you eat a lychee, anyway?

Don’t let these small, spiky spheres scare you or worse — prompt you to buy a syrupy, canned version of the fruit.

As a friend recently explained to me, they are actually quite easy to eat and the flavor — think of a more perfumed, more moist starfruit — is quite rewarding.

To start, just partially pop a single lychee in your mouth, so that it’s positioned between your top and bottom rows of teeth.

Next, press down slightly, as to rupture the rough, quasi-thorny skin.

With the smooth, sweet inner layer of flesh now exposed, remove the lychee from your mouth.

Then, keeping the lychee in position with your fingers, suck out the flesh.

Just be careful not to bite or inhale the pit!

That’s our approach, at least. Do you guys have another fav method?

(Lychees purchased today in Chinatown.)


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