Nowadays the waterway separating Manhattan and Brooklyn is best known as one of the world’s busiest industrial thoroughfares, not to mention the favored location for luxury high-rises with generous skyline panoramas. But even as The Edge looms sleekly over the used-to-be-sordid, now stroller-saturated East River State Park, the memory of long-gone gritty charms, shady dealings, and an unluckier caste of mob informants still lingers. You can relive, or at least reimagine, the river’s decadently depraved reputation at the opening night of Words by the Water, presented by The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and WORD Books. The outdoor reading series will feature a new local publisher or author each week this month. Tonight Soho Crime, which has been translating international suspense fiction into English since 1991, will present selections from its roster of thrillers. Lit nerds and noir fans should be pleased

Mon., Aug. 6, 7 p.m., 2012