Welcome to Gears ‘n’ Grub, Our New Illustrated Series


Hello! And welcome to Gears ‘n’ Grub, an illustrated series about the great snacks I find on bike rides across New York City. Our first stop: the old Roll-N-Roaster in Sheepshead Bay, which I came across after a trip to Bottle Beach (also know as Dead Horse Bay).

Their pleasantly outdated signs and decor are what first lured me in, but the promise of “cheez on anything you pleez” is what sealed the deal. Since I knew I had a long ride still ahead of me and needed some energy to get home, I ordered a roast beef sandwich (medium rare, with grilled onions and extra gravy), cheez fries, and a soda, which came to a total of $10.13 (with tax). I was happy to find that the sandwich was actually medium rare and quite tasty. The cheez fries did not disappoint, either. The only thing I regret was not trying their lemonade or orangeade, which I hear are the best in Brooklyn. I think this means I’ll just have to bike back there and find out. Read the first installment here.