Year of the Takeout Day 203: North Village Deli Emporium


And even more steam tablin’ from North Village Deli Emporium (74 Eighth Avenue, 212-229-0887)

OK, so we hit up this buffet right before 7 p.m., and we have to say that compared to its non-Chinatown analogues, the chicken picks really do hold their weight.

While both the sweet and sour and sesame sauces bordered on being too sweet, the quality of the meat — though unexceptional — was nevertheless better than at similar delis.

There was a moist chewiness to the flesh and a floury texture to the batter that made the poultry seem as if had been prepared that day.

The lo mein, which featured a respectable amount of green onion and grease, hit the starch spot adequately. The other noodle dish, served cold, could have used a bit more garlic and salt.

The tofu, which is the same bean curd slice seen elsewhere, needed a more diced pepper stuffing, but its teriyaki sauce worked out to be a good fit.

Decently played, North Village Deli Emporium. Decently played.


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