Does John Boehner Want Republicans To Abandon The Birth Control Debate?


House Speaker John Boehner, perhaps realizing that half of the electorate has ladyparts, seems to want his fellow Republican party members to quit kvetching about birth control — especially in light of that whole November election thing.

As you might remember, the White House’s mandate that insurers cover birth control goes into effect next week, prompting many a religious conservative to develop a painful case of pantyknots, with some directly challenging the Obama Administration policy in court.

Boehner, as Talking Points Memo notes, has a “message” for his conservative colleagues: do not follow suit!

Rather, he wants them to abandon the most politically problematic issues until after the election, and even then, he seems game for taking things easy.

At a press briefing yesterday, reporters asked Boehner if the House would try to nix the contraception rule.

According to TPM’s Sahil Kapur, “Boehner effectively took GOP-introduced legislation to that effect off the table. The battle damaged Republicans politically in the spring.”

“We’re continuing to work with those groups around the country who believe that their religious liberties are being infringed to try to come to a resolution of these issues,” Boehner told reporters. “Sometimes resolving these issues can sometimes best be done other than legislative avenues.”

Boehner also suggested that he supports letting the budget remain as-is until after the election, contrary to the government shutdown-prompting policies of some of his party members.

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