Kirk Cameron Would Prefer To Remain An Ignorant Homophobe Than Meet With Gay NJ Teen


Former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron’s douchebaggery apparently knows no bounds — after saying in March that homosexuality was “unnatural and destructive,” he has now declined an invitation from a gay New Jersey teen who wanted to sit down with the former “Mike Seaver” and politely explain that loving a fellow dude would not bring on the apocalypse.

Cameron currently is on a 35-stop “mass marriage-counseling” tour to let the world know how incredibly fucking awesome he is because he managed to find a bride. The tour will make a stop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, tonight, where the co-chair of
the Youth Caucus at Garden State Equality, the state’s organization for
LGBT civil rights, offered to meet with Cameron to discuss gay marriage — which Cameron strongly (read: obnoxiously) opposes.

In an email sent to Cameron’s manager, 17-year-old Corey Bernstein explained that he was brutally bullied for being gay, and offered to take the former child star out to lunch with other members of Ocean Grove’s LGBT communities.  

“In a kind, respectful and constructive way, we’d like to talk to you
about the pain your words about being LGBT have personally caused me and
other LGBT youth,” Bernstein wrote in the email, first obtained by the Huffington Post. “Your statement that being LGBT is
‘destructive to our civilization,’ when millions of LGBT people like me try our very best
every day to make our world a better place, was like a knife in the

Rather than take Bernstein up on his offer — and possibly learn a thing
or two about the people he claims are destroying civilization as he
knows it — Cameron declined.

In an email to Bernstein, Cameron’s manager, Mark Craig, writes “I promise you
[Kirk’s] goal is not one of trying to hurt people in any
way, in fact it is just the opposite. He has a concern for their well
being- not only now, but eternally.”

Just to translate, Craig’s response is the polite, Christian way of saying gay people are going to hell.

So, there you have it: Kirk Cameron would prefer to remain an ignorant
prick than have a dialogue with the people he thinks are destroying