Medical Marijuana: Solana Beach To Weigh Prescription Pot


Even though Los Angeles is being a total buzzkill when it comes to curative bud, some Californians still seem pretty open to the idea of permitting prescription pot.

And they happen to live in Solana Beach.

On Nov. 6, Solana Beach citizens will vote on whether to permit medical marijuana dispensaries, reports the Carmel Valley News/Del Mar Times:.

Recall, however, the recent controversy surrounding California’s cannabis policies.

Though medical marijuana is legal in the state, it is not permitted under federal law.

Federal authorities have cracked down on prescription pot shops and many towns — confused whether to abide by California or federal statute — are trying to figure out their policies on dispensaries.

The News has more details on what happened in Solana: under California’s “initiative” statute, it seems, “the city had the choice of either passing the ordinance brought forth by the Patient Care Association or sending it to ballot after the advocacy group collected signatures of the necessary 10 percent — or about 800 –of Solana Beach voters. The Solana Beach council voted unanimously to hold an election.”

And elsewhere in California…

A cannabis club has filed a complaint against the city of Ventura, details the Ventura County Reporter.

The Shangri La Care Cooperative Inc — basically a food, herb, and weed growing collective with horticulture classes — wants to open a storefront shop.

Shangri La has been denied a business permit, however, prompting the coop to take legal action against the city.

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