Rats for Dinner: Don’t Worry, They’re Gourmet


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Brooklyn artist Laura Ginn served up a $100 per head dinner for a Lower East Side Gallery show on Wednesday. Doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary… except for the fact that she served rats.

The event, powered by Kickstarter and titled “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch,” was a new exhibition at the Allegra La Viola Gallery.

From the website: “On July 25, 2012 guests at Allegra La Viola Gallery will be transported to a dystopian future. Guests will gather in a rudimentary dining space, furnished with handmade leather stools and a table crafted from material salvaged from the streets and sidewalks of NYC. Brave souls and adventurers who choose to participate will be presented with an unusual feast; dining on one of New York City’s truly sustainable resources: rats. Chef Yuri Hart will be preparing a variety of tantalizing rodent recipes for daring diners.”

This is oddly reminiscent of the banquet of human genitals a couple months ago (although not as grotesque) and we can’t help but wonder whether or not there were any health issues about the whole set-up.

According to DNAinfo, patrons were made to sign a disclaimer from the gallery “in case you died or choked on something.” And the rats were medical rats sourced from California–taste-tested beforehand by artist and chef.

The dishes were a rat and pork paté followed by a braised and grilled rodent caracass, which apparently tasted like beef.

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