The Best Fake Meat Ever?


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Slate’s Farhad Manjoo on Beyond Meat’s extremely realistic faux chicken: “The chicken strips look, feel, and taste closer to real meat than any other food I’ve ever eaten.”

This is the same fake meat that Mark Bittman likes, and I have to admit that I’m intrigued. Unfortunately the product’s not available in New York at the moment to taste test (and the next time I’m in San Francisco, I don’t think I’ll be all ooh I’ve got to get to a Whole Foods for some of that faux chicken!).

Meanwhile, here’s what Ethan Brown, the company’s founder, told Manjoo: “Our goal is to see that category redefined–instead of having it be called ‘meat,’ it would just be called ‘protein,’ whether it’s protein coming from a cow or chicken or from soy, pea, quinoa, or other plant-based sources.”

I find this unsettling, and already cringe when a restaurant refers to some beautiful fish or piece of steak as “the protein.” While it’s interesting that the word has become part of a larger marketing campaign here, I hope it doesn’t catch on.

[Via Slate]

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