Liquor-Infused Paninis at Salumé


Milanese panini joint Salumé is undergoing a makeover with new sandwiches and a revamped menu. Under the direction of Michael A. Spalding, everything from their paninis to their desserts will be reinvented.

Most notably is a line of liquor-infused paninis, each made with artisanal spirits to bring out the sandwiches’ bold flavors.

Introductory versions include the Mortadella with cave aged salva cremasco, gherkins, watercress, and Il Moscato di Nonino Grappa. There will also be Virginia-produced Surryano ham paired with 9-month aged asiago, fig mustard, peppermint, and Bulliet rye, which adds a sweet and floral note.

They’re open everyday from 8 am to 8 pm.

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