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NYPD Detective Suspended After A Kidnapping Was Discovered in His Garage


This never looks good.

Friday morning, a 25-year-old man was kidnapped at gunpoint in Cambria Heights, Queens, by two men who ambushed the poor guy in front of his home and proceeded to tie a t-shirt around his head with bounds around his wrist. The crooks took the hostage to a small garage in Springfield Gardens and called one of the man’s relatives, demanding that they received $75,000 for their hostage.
Well, the relative on the phone immediately recognized the voice of the kidnapper and told police exactly where to go. So the task force rushed to the Queens garage and found the hostage tied up with one of the kidnappers – 27-year-old James Hutson – bounded up as well inside the house.
Except that that garage and house were on the same property of the most unexpected person: an NYPD detective.

Ondre Johnson has been on the force for 17 years, working for the Brooklyn North Gang Unit. When the cops raided the house, they found Mr. Johnson inside because he lives there. Once he identified himself as a member of the NYPD, he immediately was cuffed and suspended of his police authority, badge, gun and all.

Turns out he shares the apartment with his cousin, Hakeem Clark, but apparently had no idea about the kidnapping that was happening where he parks his car. He also denied any access to the safes investigators found inside in apartment that were filled with bogus credit cards. Although he avoided charges, Johnson has been suspended for the time being.
Along with Clark, two other accomplices named James Gayle and Alfred Haughton were thrown into custody; Clark, Gayle and Hutson – the head honcho from before – were charged with kidnapping, attempting to collect ransom and the criminal possession of a firearm. Haughton only received kidnapping. Paraphernalia charges were also laid upon the men for obtaining the bogus credit cards.
And, for Johnson… well, he’ll be off the force for a while. That teaches us a very important lesson in the discipline of law enforcement: always check your garage for kidnappings or you’ll face the consequences.

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