Mike Bloomberg’s Nanny-State Tackles Breast Feeding; Mayor Plans To Hide Baby Formula


Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s nanny-state has officially made the jump from figurative to literal — the mayor now actually wants to play nanny (sigh).

Starting September 3, the city will encourage hospitals to hide baby formula behind locked doors in an effort to encourage (trick) new mothers into breast feeding (double sigh).

Under the city Health Department’s “Latch On NYC” initiative, 27 of New York’s 40 hospitals also will agree to get rid of promotional nicknacks — like bags, mugs and other items the baby industry gives the mothers of newborns — that display the logos of baby formula companies.

Additionally, hospitals that participate in the mayor’s breast bullying
will be forced to document the medical reason for every bottle of
formula a baby receives.

New mothers won’t be denied formula, but they’ll have to specifically
ask for it. Should they ask for it, the mother will be required to
receive a stern talking-to from hospital staff about how much better
breast-feeding is than giving a baby formula.

The move is the latest in Bloomberg’s over-reaching health initiative
(read: insulting attempts to protect you from yourself).

In recent
months, the mayor has banned food donations to homeless shelters because
the city is unable to monitor the sodium content
of the donated food.
He also proposed a ban on sugary drinks like soda being served in
containers larger than 16 ounces. It also seems as though the mayor’s
health cops have booze in their sights
, but no modern-day prohibition
has been implemented…yet.

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