The Most Outrageous Film Of The Year


Trailer trash Texans double cross each other in Killer Joe, the William Friedkin-directed film of the Tracy Letts play which brings skanking, shooting, and sex with fried chicken parts onto the big screen with unapologetic candor and dark humor.

Whether you and your date like the film or not, you will definitely not find this another bland night out followed by moans of “What did we see again?”

At a TimesTalk hosted by David Carr, Matthew McConaughey admitted that he didn’t like the script at first.

“I remember throwing it in the trash,” said McConaughey, who plays the title character, a cold blooded hit man.

“I wanted to grab a steel brush and take a long, hot shower.”

But after he re-read it on the recommendation of someone he trusts, McConaughey said, “I found myself chuckling and laughing and then belly laughing.”

His agent must have screamed with guffaws as McConaughey signed on.

Similarly, Gina Gershon–who plays the half-naked woman who’s made to do stuff with poultry–said she’d been offered the play version years ago, but she wasn’t thrilled.

“I thought, ‘I can’t do this.’ I don’t want to do this eight times a week’,” revealed Gershon.

“It really bugged me, that whole end part.”

But fortunately she signed on to do it just once–for the screen–because no one vamps like Gina Gershon.

In fact, the entire cast deserves steel brush awards for sheer balls.

And by the way, the chicken used in the film is not from Chick-Fil-A! It actually looks tasty!

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