Year of the Takeout Day 208: Szechuan Garden


Hot & Sour Sweet Potato Cold Noodles from Szechuan Garden (463 Seventh Avenue, 718-788-2886)

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This $5.50 bowl of glutinous noodles is an outright palate pleaser.

They come in a sweet, oily chili sauce that’s redolent with pumpkin-pie like flavors. (We seem to have detected ginger, cloves, and perhaps allspice.)

The portion-size is perfect, and this chilled app makes for a great small meal.

(One note: though this recipe does call for yam-based noodles, we honestly couldn’t tell from the taste whether these were being used or whether they were actually rice-based, owing to the color and flavor. Because there was a lot of sauce, we were at a loss for nuance. Any ideas on this point would be greatly appreciated!)


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