3D Printer: Put Your Face on a Piece of Chocolate and Eat It


The machine is literally called the “Eat Your Face Machine (EYFM). Developed by David Carr and the MIT Media Lab, the machine is a 3D food printer that scans faces and then recreates it using a block of chocolate.

According to, it’s been over a year since this chocolate printing device was first unveiled. Carr wanted to create something that could rival the chocolate Easter bunny.

However, Carr doesn’t expect the product to make it into markets soon. People apparently aren’t really into the idea of eating their face.

“That’s the problem, no one eats their face,” Carr told Reuters. “You have this sort of food that’s dark chocolate that a lot of people really want to eat, but their face is on it.”

But you don’t necessarily have to print your face. There are other types of “chocolate printers” out there, like the Choc Creator Version 1, which goes for around $3,500.

Video below:

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