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Baby Thrown From Third-Story Window By Own Father Dies From Injuries


A 3-month-old baby who was pushed out of a third story window at a New Jersey apartment building by his own father last week has died from his injuries, authorities announced today.

The baby’s death is bad news for his old man, 19-year-old Frederico Bruno, who likely will face a murder rap in addition to the multiple felonies with which he’s currently charged in connection with the Friday night attack on the baby and his mother, who was stabbed, also thrown from the window, and then beaten with a wooden table — all allegedly by Bruno.

The baby, Damien Bruno, was pronounced dead about 12:30 this afternoon. An autopsy is expected to be performed tomorrow.

The baby’s mother remains in critical condition, and in an induced coma.

Authorities say Bruno let himself into the Jersey City apartment of the
baby’s 21-year-old mother — his ex-girlfriend — on Friday morning and
waited for her to return.

When the baby’s mother returned with the boy and a 20-year-old friend,
Bruno allegedly attacked her with a knife, stabbing her multiple times.

As she tried to shield the boy from the attack, Bruno allegedly shoved
her hard enough to send the mother and the boy through an
air-conditioning unit and out the window, about 30 feet to the ground.

After he’d already thrown her from a window, police say Bruno then went
downstairs, found her and the boy on the ground, and began to beat her
with a wooden table he found nearby. He then fled the scene.

For now, Bruno’s been hit with the following charges: two counts of attempted murder, three counts of unlawful possession of a
weapon, three counts possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, one count of
child abuse, one count of endangering the welfare of a child, three counts of
endangering an injured person, one count of tampering.

As we mentioned, additional charges are expected.

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