Eleven Madison Hikes Up Prices, Four-Hour Long Meal


We knew the $74 per person lunch at Eleven Madison Park was too good to be true. It was great while it lasted, but EMP has shifted gears, hiked up the price, and changed to a tasting menu-only format. The price tag: $195.

According to the NYTimes, “The grid menu will remain, but it will now be blended with a tasting menu of about a dozen dishes. The $195 price will be the same as for the restaurant’s current tasting menu, but a $125 option will no longer be available.”

The four hour long meal won’t be without its oohs and ahhs. The restaurant more than ever will be dedicated to giving customers a showy spectacle of a meal. Enter fancy gastronomical offerings. The Times reports that there will be card tricks, smoke, and sea mist involved.

“Times have changed,” Daniel Humm tells the Times. “Who wants to go to a temple? People want to have fun.”