Unhappy With the Shape of Your Hamburger? Or the Taste of Your Hot Dog?


If you want a hot dog, why don’t you just eat a hot dog?

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Nobody, it seems, is happy with how things taste or what they look like anymore. Here are two cases in point. From Herr’s – the supposedly old-fashioned chipper founded in 1946 in Lancaster, PA, and famous for the retro taste of its products – a bag of potato chips that’s supposed to taste like hot dogs.

Like other manufacturers, they’ve gone off the deep end with their flavors lately, proving that in a mature market, you have to diversify to chase ever narrower purchaser demographics. As such, here are some of the newer flavors introduced over the last couple of years by Herr’s: Creamy Dill Pickle, Baby Back Ribs, Old Bay, Fireman’s BBQ Chicken, Cheddar Horseradish – in addition to Hot Dog flavor. While we can’t get our hands on a bag, you can only imagine what rancid and greasy flavor notes are used to produce this flawed result.

Apparently, Snyder’s of Hanover, 7-Eleven, and Shearer’s have already rolled out their own version of hot-dog flavored chips.

Are there folks who love hot dogs so much, that everything they eat has to remind them of frankfurters? Maybe so — take a peek at another product we ran across lately. As reported by Incredible Things [via Technabob], there’s a new kitchen gadget that shapes ground meat into hot dogs. Called the Ham Dogger, it’s apparently available from Amazon. Once you’ve shaped the “wiener” from the ground meat of your choice, you simple cook it on the griddle or in a fry pan and serve it in a bun with the usual condiments.

But the first thing your friends are going to ask when they bite into one, is “Where’s the skin?”

It can double as a mold for steak tartare.

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