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Watch Pervy Christian Puppeteer Act Out His Fear Of “Dirty Pictures”


You know, I go on vacation for just one tiny week, and so very much happens.

Like Christian puppeteer Ronald William Brown gets arrested for possession of child porn and conspiring to kidnap a child whom he allegedly fantasized about cannibalizing.

Funny, Brown put on quite a different facade in public.

In fact, below is a lilting video of Brown–as uncovered by Christiannightmares–which shows him praising a puppet named Marty (provocatively perched on his knee) for resisting other boys’ attempt to show him “dirty pictures.”

Brown is seen quoting from the beloved bible to prove his point about the horrors of porn.

In fact, he tells Marty that the good book says you should run away from anything that gives you evil thoughts. (Which is exactly why I run away from the bible!)

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown was secretly fingering the puppet the whole time.

That would certainly explain his lack of concentration on ventriloquy tricks like making your own voice different from the puppet’s, and also not moving your mouth a lot as you attempt to throw your voice.

In any case, this whole sick mess proves my old adage that “If you see a man telling a puppet not to look at dirty pictures, then be sure to keep him away from children because you can be sure he wants to abduct them and eat their faces.”

That’s my bible.

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