When The Gay Topic Is The Deal Breaker With Celebrities


I always push the G word in celebrities’ faces and they–or at least their publicists–sometimes respond by using their own G word, Goodbye!

For example:

*When I interviewed Dolly Parton on the phone once, she was nothing but delightful, as she always is. But when the interview turned to the various wild things the tabloids have written about Dolly, the busty singer seemed to get nervous, said “I have to go, Michael, but if there’s anything else you need, feel free to call back,” and hung up!

*The same thing happened with one-time pop idol David Cassidy. We were doing a phoner and all was good, until I innocently asked if he has a lot of gay male fans. I thought he’d be thrilled to say “Yes,” but David seemed to get very uptight all of a sudden and before I knew it, I was talking to a dial tone.

*Elijah Wood used to love me. At events, he’d come up to me and say “Michael Musto! I know you!” But once I playfully wrote up a gossip website’s supposition that he was dating a male Lord of the Rings costar–along with the other half of the supposition–he froze me out and looked the other way when I was near him. (But I still love him, and recently enjoyed him in a film where he played a gay boss who tosses off sung wisecracks about swallowing cock!)

*Jimmy Fallon is cool, fun, and warm. He and I once had a great chat about his appreciation for gay people and I even joked that I’d have to make him an honorary gay. Alas, his publicist at the time was a closety gay. That was the last time I got invited to anything Jimmy was doing.

*I had a fun time with Richard Simmons in his trailer in Union Square Park when he was hosting an event there about a decade ago. Our interview was light and giddy and we even ended up sweatin’ to the oldies together by crooning Barbra’s version of “He Touched Me” in lovely unison. For a few bars. Though he initially seemed ecstatic and free about the whole enterprise, Simmons quickly became uncomfortable and clammed up like a dieter who’s had their jaw wired. I left.

Oh, well. I’ll still live for the G word.

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