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One Question Talk Show Hosts Should Never Ask


About once a year, I’ll flip on a talk show by mistake and the host will inevitably be asking the very same question from a year ago.

If the interview subject is a man, said host will be purring, “So–do you have a girlfriend these days?”

And if it’s a woman, the host will undoubtedly be cooing, “And who’s the lucky man for you lately? Have a boyfriend?”


Whenever this happens, I want to throw my flip flop at the screen because it’s so damned predictable and reminds me of the same old black-and-white limited frame of reference from way back in my childhood, when gayness was made magically invisible by the culture!

It wasn’t mentioned even as an option–everything was boy-girl and there was no deviating from that possibility.

Shouldn’t we have come a ways from then? I mean, it was a half century ago!!!!

At least there are some out gays now, so they don’t have to suffer the hetero presumptions.

But with other stars, the question should be framed in a more open-minded way so as not to act like every person on earth craves an opposite-sex partner.

Believe it or not, they don’t!

Even some of the ones who say they do don’t!

So how about: “Dating anyone lately? Is there a special person in your life?”

I still wouldn’t watch talk shows, but I’d feel a little less violently sick about their existence.

And yes, I know the chances of a star spontaneously blurting on national TV, “I happen to be gay! [Or bi]!” are slimmer than those of a reality show running a take where someone yells, “Line!”

But it would still be sending out a better message, so let’s try it.

Come on guys! I mean guys and gals!

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