Bob Dylan’s “Early Roman Kings” Debuts In Trailer For Cinemax Action (No, Not That Type Of Action) Show


Bob Dylan’s Tempest comes out Sept. 11, and the first public airing of one of its tracks isn’t on NPR or a similarly demographic-appropriate outlet—instead, the stompy bit of blooze “Early Roman Kings” got its debut in a commercial for the Cinemax original series Strike Back, which according to the party line is “a high-octane, globe-spanning thriller with storylines ripped from today’s headlines.” Hey, any port in a marketing storm!

Another song from Tempest will debut in the August 17 premiere of Strike Back. I’d make a joke about how this bit of synergy will allow people to justify subscribing to the pay-TV channel for reasons that don’t involve consumption of its “After Dark” programming, but I suspect that the internal marketing memos circulated when this pitch came across the transom made that particular bit of gaiety all too real.

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