Darth Vader Popsicles: At Least the Dark Side Tastes Good


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Star Wars seems to be making a comeback in the food world. The glowing lightsaber chopsticks seemed to be a hit. This time, we have for you a real treat: Darth Vader popsicles.

The ice cream was designed by Stoyn, a Russian design and branding firm based outside of Moscow. The Vader pops come in a blueberry and licorice flavor.

This isn’t the only design (or even the coolest) Stoyn has conjured up. “The main idea and slogan is ‘Personalities make history’ so we picked out heroes that were important to different generations from the 1960s to 1990s,” the designers told Wired.

Unfortunately we probably won’t be getting our hands on the Dark Lord anytime soon. According to Stoyn founder Victoria Mamikonova, the product is geared more toward special events and conceptual cafes — not the mass market.

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