Seven Must-Dos For The Modern Young Weed Rapper


Wiz Khalifa is in love with weed. The Pittsburgh-raised rapper has established himself as a hip-hop superstar by making songs that are largely hooked around getting high. While it’s not all that a unique pastime—the likes of Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill ushered in the first great rush of weed raps back in the early-’90s—a fresh bunch of young greenery fiends now defines the rap scene. Here’s SOTC’s handy seven-step guide to becoming a Modern Young Weed Rapper, should you want to follow the current crop’s trail of smoke.

1. You Must Pose With Snoop Dogg
The regal rolling grandfather of the stoner rap sub-culture, Snoop Dogg is hailed as some sort of lifted deity by Internet-happy Modern Young Weed Rappers. Any self-respecting Modern Young Weed Rapper needs post up at least one Instagrammed pic of themselves gurning it up with the Doggfather. (Based solely on online eye candy, you might even suspect that Snoop has actually adopted Wiz by now.)

2. You Must Have Smoker’s Club Guest Membership
The world’s premier weed-based rap collective, the Smoker’s Club counts Smoke DZA, Big K.R.I.T. and Flatbush’s Joey Bada$$ among its ranks. With yearly toke-tastic tours and a whole gang of collaboration opportunities, any serious Modern Young Weed Rapper must carry a guest pass featuring the collective’s leaf logo.

3. You Must Instagram Pics of Oversized Joints
Because if you’re a Modern Young Weed Rapper, looking at a picture of Mac Miller live on stage with his lips poised to embrace a very large joint is nothing less than heaven as an actual place on Earth.

4. You Must Demonstrate Your Joint-Rolling Skills On YouTube
When 98% of your lyrics are based around either boasting about being high or talking about how you’re soon going to get high, you have to back up your singular pursuit with a hands-on practical demonstration. Thanks to the marvels of YouTube, this is but a quick upload away, as Wiz Khalifa proves here in his pursuit of puffing perfection!

5. You Must Drop A Free Track On April 20
Historically, this is always a really super clever thing for weed artists of all generations to do, but the Modern Young Weed Rapper has to embrace the technology of the new world by saturating the Internet with free weed-based songs. Key supply: Mac Miller’s toking trilogy of “Let’s Get High,” “3rd Dimension” and “Piffsburgh” from last year.

6. You Must Make One Really Ill-Advised Song
Possibly the fruits of a particularly potent blaze session, every Modern Young Weed Rapper is mandated to release one fecal hoagie of a song. See: Wiz Khalifa’s Alice Deejay-sampling “Say Yeah,” Mac Miller’s “The 900 Number”-bastardizing “Party On 5th Avenue,” and the entire White Girl Mob catalogue.

7. You Must Show A Commitment To Smoking Your Career Away
Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and Brooklyn’s own Boot Camp Click all released some era-defining weed-enhanced music during the early part of the ’90s. But since announcing themselves in a creative blaze, these stoned forefathers have preferred to spend the best part of two decades pottering around tending to their greenery rather than focussing on their rap arts. Be warned Modern Young Weed Rappers: The law of diminishing creative returns is not usually kind to the stoned rap troubadour!

Wiz Khalifa plays at Jones Beach Theater with Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Chiddy Bang, Schoolboy Q, and Chevy Woods tonight.


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