I Found A Gay-Friendly Chick Filet


There’s been so much cretinous support for Chick Fil-A–you know, that chain of slop venders who are allegedly such great freedom of speech heroes in their battle to deprive a large number of Americans equal rights.

So I was deliriously happy to find a gay-positive slab of chicken right on our own doorstep.

When I walked into Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen on 41st and 8th yesterday, here’s what the sign said:

“This August, buy a chicken filet sandwich and we will donate $1 of your purchase to Marriage Equality USA, a non profit whose mission is to secure legally recognized civil marriage equality for all.”

That’s great news!

And theres another Schnipper’s on 23rd and Madison!

I’m going to spend the entire month of August running between the two joints to order chicken filet after chicken filet, just to drive Sarah Palin crazy.

I mean extra crazy.


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