Legendary Gay Bathhouse Explored In Film!


The Continental Baths was the legendary home of toweled men, anonymous sex, and rising entertainers, starting in 1968, when being gay held more oppressions than today but also, strangely, more sexual outlets.

And it deserves a movie for its landmark status as a place where gays could come out, get out their yayas, and be entertained in between tricking (and even during).

It was a giant boudoir for all types of horny guys as well as a launching pad for campy stars like Bette Midler–a unique one-stop shopping spot for clapping and getting the clap.

And it’s all in the new documentary Continental, done by Malcolm Ingram, who’s directed films like Small Town Gay Bar and Bear Nation.

And the least you can do to support it is send a few bucks to their kickstarter campaign.

You might even nab producer status.

By the way, I never went to the Continental–though I surely attended other such boites–but I’m in the film, giving my input on that era, the places’s significance, and the poignant aftermath.

(I’m in the kickstarter trailer at 4:56.)

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