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The Curse Of Being An Ex Child Star Strikes Twice


I’ve always talked about how difficult it must be to be a former child star, trying to reconfigure your career as you look for other ways to get the thrill of acceptance you once got just for stepping in front of a camera.

It’s rough!

And now, Tatum O’Neal–whom I love–is back in rehab for coke use, as daddy Ryan visits her to work out their issues, hopefully not for a reality show.

(By the way, having a celebrity parent adds to the curse 100 times over. You’re in their shadow, and if you over-shadow them, God help you.)

What’s more, The Enquirer ran a story saying that Macaulay Culkin is a heroin addict and is also addicted to a bunch of prescription pills.

Culkin’s people flatly denied that as unmitigated fiction, which prompted The Enquirer to stand by their story and even offer to administer a blood test to prove it.

Poor Macaulay grew up with that horrible father squeezing him like a lemon, and that–combined with some bad breaks–may well have led to a less than contented adulthood.

In any case, I’m eternally grateful that I wasn’t a child star.

In fact, no one even noticed me!

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