Year of the Takeout Day 212: Good Joy’s Fish Tofu


Fish Tofu (Apparently, It’s a Thing!) from Good Joy (216 Dekalb Avenue, 718-858-8899)

Satisfy your wish for fish with this $5.50 dish (and then maybe hope we never, ever use words ending in ‘ish’ again?)

Anyway, Good Joy’s pick is a veritable pescetarian-pleaser, though any allusion to bean curd seems to refer more to the food’s color and shape than content and taste — we couldn’t detect tofu, and the wrinkly, exterior skin des not appear soy-based, either.

Instead, the plate features the cube-shaped equivalent of fish ball as well as veggies tossed in a light, garlic and wine-based stir fry sauce.

Def worth ordering again.


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