Edible Garden On Top Of North Square Restaurant


Talk about an extensive herb garden. Located on top of North Square Restaurant in the Washington Square Hotel, Jake’s Edible Garden is an herb garden that has just sprouted and will be providing all the herbs for executive chef Yoel Cruz’s dishes.

The herbs, chilies, and tomatoes come from Oak Grove Plantation in New Jersey, and Binder Farm and Atlantic Nursery, both in Long Island.

Produce includes 17 herbs like: thyme (English, lemon, and silver), oregano (Mexican and Italian), rosemary, basil (sweet and Thai), sage (garden green and golden), parsley, spearmint, peppermint, apple mint, curry, French tarragon, and lavender.

Chilies include jalapeños, cayenne, and “cherry” habaneros. And there are heirloom tomatoes as well (Beefsteak, Brandywine, Black Plum, Green Grape, Orange Oxheart, Abe Lincoln, and Green Zebra).

Here are some snapshots of the garden:

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