Loud, Honking Cabs Beware: ‘Summer Streets’ Are Taking Over NYC Today


If you’re watching this video, we hope you have a huge smile on your face. If you’re a cab driver who hates traffic, you might not. But, for the rest of us pedestrian folk, today is a great day to have feet.

For the next three Saturdays, the New York City Department of Transportation is bringing back the fifth annual ‘Summer Streets’ program. In it, the City closes down major thoroughfares for bikers, walkers and all New Yorkers alike to stroll down without worrying about getting hit by that sedan going 50 miles per hour.

With seven miles of road closed off for play time, this ‘Summer Streets’ is shaping up to be the biggest so far. In other words, there will be so much room for activities.

This is how it’ll work:
From 7am to 1pm (so, like, NOW-ish), Lafayette Street and Park Avenue, between the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, will be completely shut down. At Foley Square, there will be a zip line for you to feel like you’re James Bond for a minute; at Spring Street, you can climb a rock wall; you can grab a free bike helmet 51st Street and, along the rest of the way, art installations and dance sessions will be held for everyone to enjoy.
Oh, and it’s absolutely free. When did the DOT get so awesome?
FYI: this is one of the only times you can experience a traffic-less New York. So, if you’re not doing anything on this beautiful summer day, take advantage of it and enjoy this all-out massive block party that the City has to offer.